Be Careful Creating a Band or Business Profile on Google+

Thinking about setting up a band or business profile on Google+? Think carefully about that and read these articles from Search Engine Land and Jacobs Media. Clearly Google does not have a clear policy about how to handle brand profiles. They early on asked that you not create one,

“For now we are actively discouraging businesses to adopt profiles, but we have heard the feedback and will obviously do what we can down the line to build optimal experiences for all. This is just the beginning of a very long journey towards making Google more social.”

But of course some went ahead anyway. Now it looks like they may be closing them, reopening them… hell Google does not appear to know what they are doing with them.Be warned, you risk having your profile suspended and all your work at building your network of Circles erased.

Welcome to the world of early adopters!

Google Removes Mashable, Sesame Street & Other Prominent Accounts From Google Plus.

Here is another good read from the Jacobs Media blog, No Brands Allowed.

4 thoughts on “Be Careful Creating a Band or Business Profile on Google+

  1. This is one of the benefits to being a solo artist. My “personal” profile is my “band” profile. All really depends on what I’m saying and who I’m saying it to.

    This is good to know for some of the bands I’m working with though. Thanks for the heads up.

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