Six Things You Need to Do Before Making a Video Live on YouTube

How to setup your YouTube videosI have been spending more time in YouTube, for my own efforts and for client projects. One thing has become very clear, many people do not use YouTube correctly, even the most basic options inside YouTube. So here is a quick primer of the six things you should understand how to use in YouTube.

1. The Video Title – By default the title of any video you upload is the filename of the video, example movie.m4v. You NEED to change this. Do not use the default filename as your video title. The default name does not tell anyone anything about the video. Think of a headline, you want something that is going to grab the viewer, while telling something about the video.

2. The Video Description – By default this is empty. Do NOT leave it empty. Some things you want to insert in the description:

  • Your website url
  • Your Facebook url
  • Your Twitter url
  • Your online store url
  • Tour dates

Be sure you use full urls so they become clickable links. Only the first line is going to be visible without the viewer clicking the More link, so I suggest the first link be your most important url. Then use the rest of the description field to insert great keywords… name drop special guests, locations, venues, album titles, producers, name of artist you are covering, etc.

3. The Video Keywords – By default it will insert your video filename as a keyword. Delete that and insert new keywords. Do NOT leave this blank. Just as you need to add tags to a blog post, YouTube keywords serve the same purpose. They aid in the search results. No keywords, no search result for your video.

Items 1-3 all help your video with search results, inside YouTube and outside such as Google search results. Use all of these fields, fill them out to give your video a chance to be found.

4. Video Privacy Settings – Understand the difference between public, unlisted, private settings of your video.

Public – everyone can see, search and find your video.

Unlisted – Making a video unlisted means that only people who have the link to the video can view it. Unlisted videos won’t appear in any of YouTube’s public spaces, like your channel, search results, or the homepage.

However, your video could appear elsewhere on the web if anyone who knows the video’s link shares it. For example, more people can see the video if somebody with whom you share the video goes on to share the video through an email or posts it on a blog. Remember it can appear in Google search results.

Private – A private video can only be seen by you and up to 50 other people who you invite to view the video. The video won’t appear on your channel, search results, or playlists. This is truly private from anyone finding it.

5. Monetize – Make some money from your video. It is free to setup and takes only a couple minutes to fill out a Google Adsense application and when approved link it to your YouTube account. Then it is just one checkbox to monetize a video.

6. Front & End Bumpers – Every video you upload should have a quick and simple image at the front and end that contains your logo and various urls. Remember your video may get shared and embedded outside of YouTube, where the description won’t be available. For that reason you add these simple bumpers to the video itself so the video contains the important links. People need to know what they are watching and how to find you.

3 Need-to-Know Tips From Each of Social Media’s Big 3 on The Music Biz Weekly Podcast

3 Need-to-Know Tips From Each of Social Media's Big 3 on The Music Biz Weekly PodcastThis week’s episode #97, February 15, 2013 – 3 Need-to-Know Tips From Each of Social Media’s Big 3. Michael Brandvold and Brian Thompson discuss three music marketing tips each for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We discuss how to setup Facebook ads, how to tag in a Facebook post and how to add your buy ticket link to a Facebook Event. We discuss how to the @reply works in Twitter, how to use Twitter lists, and using Twitter for conversation. YouTube we talk about setting your featured video, replying to YouTube comments and the difference between unlisted and private privacy settings.

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Are You Remembering to Reply to YouTube Comments?

YouTubeYeah, you need something else to do, but…

Are you remembering to respond to fan comments on your YouTube channel? I am always talking about Facebook and Twitter and how you have to engage with your fans on those networks, but don’t forget YouTube.

You need to reply to each individual person who leaves a comment on YouTube, not just one comment thanking everyone. Get into conversation on YouTube just as you would on Facebook or Twitter.

I suggest you turn on email alerts for comments. This will ensure you don’t forget about YouTube engagement.

If you use Hootsuite you can monitor and post comments to your videos directly inside Hootsuite. For a free video seminar on building a YouTube community check out this program from Hootsuite.

HootSuite University is pleased to present Building a Powerful Community on YouTube with Ryan Nugent, Audience Development Strategist at YouTube Next Lab. Learn the importance of building a community on YouTube, how to create and curate powerful content, and tips for measuring success.

It’s about building a direct one to one connection with your fans and if you are ignoring your fans on YouTube you are missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with them.

Can You Master the Guitar in 10 Days? Why Does Anyone Think You Can Master Facebook in 10 Days?

How to master

Is it me or does anyone else find services, videos, books and websites that say… How To Master ________ in 10 Days annoying? Insert whatever you want into the blank; Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Guitar, Drums, etc.

If that is all it took, 10 days, wouldn’t everyone be a master? I have been using sites and apps for years and can honestly say I have yet to master them, I feel very confident about my knowledge, but a master? It takes a lifetime to master something in my opinion. I am always learning something new, asking new questions, trying to gain more knowledge.
Do you think you can master playing the guitar, the bass, the drums in only 10 days? Of course not. How long have you been playing, have you mastered it?
I guess these things are designed to take advantage of most people’s desire to change or improve overnight. People that don’t want to put in the time. You know, just take a pill and fix the problem. You know, just sign a record deal and become rich and famous overnight. Few people have the patience to commit to becoming a master.
If you want to master something you need to commit your life to it. Nothing is as simple as 10 days.

Direct to Fan Music Marketing – On Site Music Players & Digital Sales (video)

Did you miss the Music Biz Weekly music marketing webinar Direct-to-Fan Music Marketing 101? Here is a short video taken directly from the webinar discussing on site music players and digital sales, and the companies that offer that service. You can watch the entire webinar online right now!

Some great topics were covered, such as:

  • Fan management
  • Brand management
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Crowd Funding
  • Event management
  • Merchandizing

and much more!

Direct to Fan Music Marketing 101