How to Monetize a Band’s Downtime with Stageit on The Music Biz Weekly Podcast

How to Monetize a Band's Downtime with Stageit on The Music Biz Weekly PodcastThis week’s episode #99, March 1, 2013 – How to Monetize a Band’s Downtime with Stageit. We are joined by Evan Lowenstein the CEO and Cofounder of Stageit. Evan gives some inside tips and advice on how to best use Stageit. He discusses what Stageit has planned for 2013.

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Featured Track Of The Week: Keep The Spirit Alive by Russ Dwarf.

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Cool Discoveries at SF Musictech Summit – SoundRain and Stageit!

SF Musictech SummitI spent all day Monday, May 9th at the SF Musictech Summit. My second time attending. I am not going to go into detail reviewing the summit, let me just say this is a MUST attend event. If you are a musician you should make this your one event to not miss. You will learn something new, and meet people who can help your career.

What I want to write about are a few things I found at the event that I thought were cool and have to great potential.

Up first, SoundRain.

This is a hack that came out of SF Music Hack Day 2011. SoundRain that allows you to sell your SoundCloud downloads. SoundRain uses for the transactions, It was actually developed by some music fans at From their website:

SoundRain lets you sell the songs you have on SoundCloud. We give you a widget with the awesome SoundCloud player. And we give you a Minno button that lets anyone instantly buy your song.

Okay, so how does it work?

1. Connect your SoundCloud account Just click the orange button at the top.
2. Choose a song to sell
3. Make it rain As soon as your sales reach $10, we’ll send over your earnings with PayPal.

Sounds simple. Give it a try, maybe you can monetize some of that music you are posting to SoundCloud. Let me know how it works.

Next, Stageit!

A number of people I met over the course of the day were raving about Stageit, including Madalyn Sklar from GoGirls Music who has been using it and loves it. Another real simple premise. Use the webcam on your laptop and stream a live webcast event. Stageit allows you sell the event. They take care of everything. From their website:

If you’re an artist, then you’re going to love StageIt’s ability to let you interact with your fans LIVE at anytime and from anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you have millions of fans or just a few, you now have an online stage where you can showcase your talents to the world and make money!

StageIt isn’t about broadcasting concerts online. It’s about sharing the amazing moments that happen in between. Did a friend drop by to jam? StageIt. Got a new tune you’re working on? StageIt. Getting ready to go on stage? StageIt.

The front row seat is the most expensive in the house, but the place everyone wants to be is backstage. We make it so easy for you to finally give your fans a row seat to your ‘backstage’ experiences.

If you’re a fan, then you’re going to love StageIt’s ability to help you get incredibly close to your favorite artists while discovering new ones. You’re going to see a side of artists that you’ve never seen before. But most importantly, because every performance at StageIt is LIVE, you’ll be able to chat with artists and request songs.

Oh, and did we mention the Tip Jar? With the tip jar, we allow you to show your support at anytime during the show. Did the artist play a song you requested, do something great or do you just flat out love the guy? How about a Tip?

If you’re both an artist and a fan, well then you’re just like us. We are team of artists and fans (that’s right—no record companies here) that have spent many years thinking about ways in which we might be able to help artists connect better with their fans and vice versa via the Internet. We’re changing things from the inside out.

Stageit! is about delivering and monetizing the live experience, something you can’t pirate or steal.