How To Create a Content Strategy Webinar Free Slide Deck

Music Biz Weekly just presented our largest webinar to date, How To Create a Content Strategy. For those who missed it fear not, here is the slide deck for the presentation.

How to Create a Content Strategy will address the following core questions:
•    What is Content Marketing?
•    What is Inbound Marketing?
•    What purpose do these concepts serve in creating new fans?
•    What are the key elements to an effective strategy?
•    How long should a strategy run?
•    What channels of distribution do you need to consider for your content?
•    How do you optimize your content for maximum viewing potential?
•    What are some typical events you can create strategies around?
•    How do you measure the success of your strategy?

Video and Slidedeck on How To Use ReverbNation To Promote Your Music

How to use ReverbNation to promote your music.The Music Biz Weekly and Hypebot Music Marketing webinar How To Use ReverbNation To Promote Your Music was a great success. The team from ReverbNation presented lots of great information and gave a awesome demo on how to use Promote It. If you missed the webinar you can now download the slidedeck and watch the entire 90 minute video of the webinar.

Click here to watch the How To Use ReverbNation To Promote Your Music video.

Below is the slidedeck.

Direct To Fan Music Marketing Slide Deck Now Available

The slide deck for the Music Biz Weekly/ Direct to Fan Music Marketing webinar is posted below. Feel free to download and share.

Watch the Direct to Fan Music Marketing webinar video now!

How to Use WordPress for Your Band’s Website Webinar Slidedeck

Below is the slidedeck from The Music Biz Weekly Music Marketing Webinar: How to Use WordPress for Your Band’s Website.

* How to install WordPress on your server.
* What hosting companies offer the best support for WordPress.
* What is the difference between and
* Proper configuration on your WordPress install.
* How To Install A Theme (and how that process differs between .org and .com).
* How to enhance your WordPress site with plugins. Which plugins are must have.
* How to setup WordPress to work with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
* How to format and write effective posts.
* How to do basic, but effective, Search Engine Optimization.
* How to add a email list and configure it to promote your music.
* How to run a contest on a WordPress site.
* How To Create A Music Page for Your Site (tools and widgets such as Topspin, Nimbit, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, CD Baby, etc.

Coming soon, the video of the entire presentation.

Download the Slides from How To Use Social Media To Promote Music

I gave a presentation at NARIP, along with Hisham Dahud from, entitled How To Use Social Media To Promote Music. It was 2.5 hours long and packed with lots of information around using social media. The recording will be available to purchase from NARIP shortly, but in the meantime you can download the slidedeck.