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CommerceSocialBands, Artists, Labels, Management Companies… it’s time to move beyond a single stand alone online store and bring your online store to where your fans are hanging out; Facebook, MySpace, Blogs, Websites. Don’t just post your new CD on your Facebook Wall and link your fans back to a typical online store. Post your new CD on your Facebook Wall, MySpace Page, Blog or official website and let your fans buy it right there without even leaving. Let your fans share your new CD as a Wall post with all their friends, while including the ability to buy your CD in every single one of those Wall posts.

STOP, think about what I just said… every single Wall post by all your fans could be a store with the ability to buy your CD. What could that mean for sales?

It is time to bring your commerce to the world of social. CommerceSocial is a new tool that is extremely easy to setup and lets your CD spread virally through the social networks.

Here is how it works:

Imagine that the next time you post a product on your Facebook Wall that instead of it just being a image that links off to your website where you need to get your fan through the entire conversion process to complete a purchase that now when they click on the product image a small window actually expands right inside Facebook with a mini shopping cart embedded,. This mini shopping cart allows the fan to instantly make a purchase right in the Facebook Wall… while they are still the most excited and interested in the product. Now what if your fans could become your sales force, they are your biggest supporters. There is a Share button right in the cart that allows the fan to further Share the product on their Facebook Wall. All of a sudden your Wall post is being spread across Facebook by all your fans, and every one of those Wall posts is a online store.

A major shift is happening in online commerce and advertising, consumers in ALL social networks and communities are relying heavily on peer word-of-mouth recommendations for their purchases as they chat about brands and products – it’s happening every minute of every day.

90% of consumers online trust recommendations from people they know; 70% trust opinions of unknown users. 67% of shoppers spend more online after recommendations from their online community of friends. A product posted on a Facebook Wall or shared in a user’s blog is a recommendation of trust.

CommerceSocial even has a full affiliate program built right into your store. If someone posts a product on their Wall and makes a sale you can choose to pay them a small finders fee. Even more incentive for your fans to start posting your products… they can make some money selling your products!

I have been talking all about Facebook, but all of the same functionality works on MySpace, Blogs and Websites. You can post a complete working store wherever your fans are.

Check out the CommerceSocial store for Crash Music below, a little bit of code just pasted into a blog post. Play with the share links and see how slick it works.

Check out CommerceSocial. Signup as a merchant if you are a band and have some physical goods to sell. Contact me if you have questions about how to best implement social commerce or have questions about CommerceSocial.

Michael Brandvold Providing Music Marketing to

I am proud to be associated with ARTISTHEAD…

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We interviewed Michael and asked him the hard questions about artist branding, fan building and retention, online marketing, product placement, promotion, and sales. His thorough and insightful answers reveal not only a deep knowledge of marketing, but a true understanding of the importance of the relationship between the artist and the fan and how to satisfy both and make money.

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The Online Landscape is Very Confusing for Bands and Fans

I have discussed this before; how difficult it can be for a band to manage their online presence and how difficult it can be for a fan to find music and bands online. Always, always have your own official website before you begin to tackle all these other sites.

Speaking from personal experience; as a very active music fan I look for a artist website first, then I do a Google search and look on Facebook and MySpace. Do I take the time to start looking on all these other sites, nope. If you have no official site your chances of being found go down dramatically.

Watch this video, how many of these sites have you heard of?

YouTube – Mgmt in the New Digital World.m4v.

Bruce Kulick Talks About Working with a Producer

After hundreds of hours in your home studio and many demos, you’re finally ready to record your first album. Now it’s time to hire a producer. How do you find the right one? What should you look for? What are some red flags to watch for in the hiring process?

Choosing a producer is probably the most important decision you will make as a musician—second only to finding the right band members. The individual who produces your CD will ultimately be responsible for the outcome of your sound. Before you enter into this working relationship, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Know Your Goals

Michael Wagener, whose credits read like a who’s who of top metal bands, describes the role of producer as “The mother of the battalion!” Wagener is hands-on with his artists and is willing to take on a host of responsibilities. “It starts with picking the songs, arranging the songs, booking the studio, the engineer— if [the producer] doesn’t do it himself, like I do—keeping a budget, staying within budget, making sure everybody shows up on time, babysitting from beginning to end,” he says. For a band recording their first album, this type of producer—one who can provide expertise as well as guidance—is ideal.

Part of your approach will be dictated by what you’re recording for. Are you looking for gigs? Shopping for a deal? Will the tracks be uploaded to your website and/or Myspace page only, or are you going sell physical CDs? Most people now listen to music on iPods and cell phones, but if you hope to get your work into the hands of a manager, publicist, or wider audience who will listen on actual stereo systems, you don’t want an end result that sounds like a mixtape. This isn’t the place to try and save a few bucks.

Bruce Kulick partnered with producer Jeremy Rubolino to record his latest album, BK3. Although Kulick has years of recording experience and produces other artists, he strongly recommends hiring a producer who can take you to the next level. “A lot of people self-produce,” he says, “but it’s helpful to have that sounding board of ideas and vision to push you. That’s what Jeremy did for me. His creative control and direction took me out of my safe zone. Being pushed is so important. The Beatles were so incredibly talented, but some of the magic of their recordings came because George Martin pushed them at times, and because Lennon and McCartney were trying to top each other to make brilliant music that would ultimately live forever. So being motivated in some way is important.”

Read the rest of the tips via Tip Jar: How to Choose a Producer.

"Respectfully, the internet is almost useless."

“Respectfully, the internet is almost useless.” – Gene Simmons.

This just goes to show how much Gene’s opinions are without any value. He might as well be giving us medical advice, he is just as qualified.

Check out a few more great quotes from his Letters section.

“file sharing has succeeded. And the result is the end of a chance for a new band to have a chance.” – I agree, they have no chance if they try to embrace the old music business. If they are willing to evolve and try something new they can succeed.

“New bands don’t have a chance or an industry to support them. And the same people who love the music, killed it.” – They have a new industry to support them, and they have their fans — if they treat their fans with respect and don’t threaten to sue all of them. Don’t put the blame on the fans I am sure there are some old, high payed record executives who have some fault.

“The fact is, an entire generation has decided to steal the music and the result is, over a million people are losing their jobs in the record industry. Literally.” – Again, I would love to know where this over a million lost jobs comes from.