Ep #136 – Don’t Panic! You Can Still Reach Fans on Facebook for Free on the Music Biz Weekly

Ep #136 - Don't Panic! You Can Still Reach Fans on Facebook for Free on the Music Biz WeeklyThis week’s episode #136 December 13, 2013 Don’t Panic! You Can Still Reach Fans on Facebook for Free.


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Michael Brandvold is a freelance music industry consultant based in Northern California. Having launched Michael Brandvold Marketing to leverage his years of experience to provide direction to large and small clients in the areas of online & social marketing as well as e-commerce and customer acquisition and retention.

Gene Simmons of KISS first tapped Michael’s skills as a pioneering online marketing strategist to launch and manage all aspects of Kissonline.com’s multi-million dollar enterprise, including their ground-breaking VIP ticket program.

Michael has also managed the online efforts for Dream Theater, ACCEPT, Killer Dwarfs, Motley Crüe, Rod Stewart, Madonna, Ozzy Osbourne, Madonna and Britney Spears to name only a few.

About Brian Thompson:

Brian Thompson, Managing Partner for Thorny Bleeder Records, is a Vancouver based music industry entrepreneur, record label owner, artist manager, marketing consultant, radio promoter, publicist, web designer, blogger, and industry speaker.

Formerly the corporate head of music buying and marketing for a large national music retail chain, Brian has since moved on to become a well respected voice on the convergence of artist development, music marketing, social media, and technology.

How To Schedule a Post on Your Facebook Page

How to schedule a Facebook postA frequent question I get is how can I schedule my posts on Facebook. Well it is very easy, just follow these few steps.

This only works on Facebook pages, not of personal profiles. In your status update box enter your copy or insert a photo, then….

1. Click the CLOCK icon in the lower left of the update box.

2. Select the YEAR.

3. Select the MONTH.

4. Select the DAY.

5. Select the HOUR.

6. Click SCHEDULE.

Done! It is that easy. You can schedule as many posts as you want as far in advance as you want. You can also schedule posts with the mobile Pages app.

Note: Unfortunately you can’t schedule a shared post. Maybe Facebook will fix that at some point in the future.

You have a website, email list, Facebook page, YouTube channel. You release new product and tell nobody. You wonder why it doesn’t sell.

You have a website, a email list, a Facebook page and a Youtube channel. You release new product and tell nobody. You wonder why it doesn't sell.

You have a website, a email list, a Facebook page and a YouTube channel. You release new product and tell nobody. You wonder why it doesn’t sell.

Add a Apple iTunes Store to Your Facebook Page with smartTab

smartTabs Facebook iTunes Store

Sometimes you just need to sell your music through iTunes. The options to install a iTunes store on your Facebook page have been pretty limited. You could setup BandPage and link each track out to iTunes. But the setup, though fairly easy, is a number of steps.

Over the weekend I discovered a new Facebook app called smartTab. This is easily one of the easiest and fastest stores to install on a Facebook page.

Login with your Facebook account and you are taken to a dashboard of all the Pages you administer.

  1. Click Configure.
  2. Past in the URL to your page on iTunes.
  3. Upload a banner image and select some colors.
  4. Click install.


Dream Theater iTunes StoreYou now have a nice looking store on your Page that displays all your product on iTunes. It allows 90 second previews of all songs. It has individual buy links as well as album buy links… all linking to iTunes to complete the purchase. Add a new title to iTunes in the future, it appears. You don’t need to do anything, just set it and forget it.

Note that you can’t add your own affiliate code to the links, smartTab inserts their own affiliate code. The app is free, but they seem to make their money off of each sale, just like a traditional affiliate link. They say a premium version is coming that would maintain your affiliate code.

I chatted briefly with the developer of smartTab and they updated me on some changes they are working on:

  • An “add list”.  This will let people add specific albums to show. If you might want to display albums from another artist in your store.
  • A “splash page”. This will let people include a few lines of code on their website which will cause a smartTab to overlay the page. This will release smartTabs from being only available as a Facebook page tab.
  • A “block list”. The ability to selectively remove certain albums from being displayed.


  • Installs in a matter of minutes.
  • Automatically updates with new product.
  • Displays all your product in iTunes with one configuration.


  • Remember, smartTabs is just a interface to iTunes. Whatever iTunes does or does not do, smartTabs will be the same.
  • Only 90 second previews.
  • Can’t insert your own affiliate code, until the premium version is released.
  • No marketing tools such as free track for a email.

I know I have clients that only sell their music through major channels such as iTunes and Amazon, for them smartTab is a perfect tool.