ZZ Top, Growing Into Your Brand – The Rock Star Branding Podcast

ZZ Top Growing Into Your BrandThis week’s episode of The Rock Star Branding Podcast, June 20, 2012 – ZZ Top, Growing Into Your Brand.

Join Brian Thompson, Michael Brandvold & Steve Jones for a 10 minute discussion on the topic of how brands sometimes need nothing but time, years and experience to evolve into what they will eventually become known for and to cultivate their image.

ZZ Top, Rush, and Wicked Lester (who later became KISS) and Apple are discussed.

Welcome to The Music Biz Weekly Presents… The Rock Star Branding Podcast with your hosts Brian Thompson, Michael Brandvold and Steve Jones.

Look for this new podcast in all the same locations that you can find The Music Biz Weekly Podcast, plus BrandLikeARockStar.com.

Each week Michael, Brian and Steve will discuss rock star branding related to some of the largest acts in the world and how you can apply their lessons to your career.

These topics come from Steve’s new book, Brand Like A Rock Star: Lessons From Rock ‘n’ Roll To Make Your Business Rich And Famous. Using examples like U2, AC/DC, Lady Gaga, The Beatles, KISS, Jimmy Buffett, Bob Dylan, and many others, Steve shows you how to create a business that rocks!

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You Can’t Use iTunes Match if Your Library Contains More Than 25,000 Songs Not Purchased from iTunes

I was really excited today that I could finally download and signup for iTunes Match, the cloud music service I really had hoped to like. Well that love didn’t last long.

I clicked the Turn On iTunes Match link and clicked Subscribe that I will spend $25 and I was immediately greeted with a pop-up alert telling me my library has more than 25,000 songs not purchased from iTunes so I can’t use it.

Apple iTunes Match Fail

What!? Somebody forgot to mention this when the service was announced.

Because I am a HUGE music lover and have a very large collection; 1000s of CDs that over the years I ripped and added to my library I am not allowed to use iTunes Match. Factor in music I bought from sites such as; Amazon.com, Bandcamp, Nimbit and many band websites, this is just a huge FAIL! What do they think I should do, delete my music so I can use iTunes Match? Not gonna happen! I guess this has pretty much made the decision that I will be using something like Rdio or Spotify now.

No other explanation, no other options… just no you can’t use it.

A Tribute to Steve Jobs – Special Edition of The Music Biz Weekly Podcast

Tribute to Steve JobsWelcome to episode 28 of The Music Biz Weekly, a weekly podcast co-hosted by Michael Brandvold and Brian Thompson.

Each week Michael and Brian will discuss the latest events in the music business and music marketing events and techniques.

This week’s episode, October 12, 2011 – A Tribute to Steve Jobs

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Thank You Steve Jobs

RIP Steve Jobs

I learned of the passing of Steve Jobs as I was leaving a Apple store with a new iPod Nano while wearing my Apple ball cap. It really hit me. Apple has been a part of my life since 1984 when I started selling Macintosh’s for a small Minnesota computer retailer, Dan Patch Micro. I have a house filled with Apple computers, iPods and iPhones.

You changed the world and you changed many lives, including mine.

Thank you Steve Jobs.

Musicians, if You are Using Apple iWeb and MobileMe it Might Be Time for a New Web Host

A quick note for any musician who is using Apple’s iWeb and MobileMe for your website; it appears it may be time to start looking for a new host for your website. According to the article below from The Unofficial Apple Weblog it is rumored that Steve Jobs said yes, you need to find a new web host for your site.

Those of us with a vested interest in iWeb have been perplexed by the lack of interest shown by Apple in the former iLife web design app. Couple this with the pending demise of MobileMe on June 30, 2012, and that confusion turns into concern. MacRumors featured a post a few hours ago about an iWeb/MobileMe fan who was so concerned about the lack of iWeb love coming from Apple that the user sent Steve Jobs an email.

In the email the iWeb user asked, “Will I need to find an alternative website builder and someone to host my sites?” The alleged response from the CEO of Apple: “Yep.”

iWeb’s discontinuation wouldn’t be completely surprising. When iLife ’11 debuted late last year, the lack of a new version of iWeb frustrated a number of users. When iCloud was announced last week, there was no indication that websites created with iWeb and hosted on MobileMe would have a migration path to the new world of Apple cloud computing.

There are many free website alternatives to a MobileMe-hosted iWeb site, such as WordPress.com, Blogger, Tumblr, and Posterous. In addition, Facebook is an excellent alternative for both individuals or companies who just want to create a simple web presence to inform friends or customers of what’s going on.

For those who still want to have their websites designed in iWeb and hosted somewhere other than on MobileMe, you should start looking for low-cost web hosting soon.

via Rumor: Steve Jobs says iWeb and MobileMe hosting are going away | TUAW – The Unofficial Apple Weblog.