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Dropping The Needle Podcast“If Beavis & Butt-Head had a music podcast, this would be it.”

Dropping The Needle is the podcast where all music from all genres is discussed. New releases, classic albums, rediscovered music, signed and unsigned. No ass kissing, just two guys talking about music. Dropping The Needle is hosted Michael Brandvold from Michael Brandvold Marketing and Mitch Lafon from PureGrainAudio.com.

Tune in to the next episode of Dropping The Needle to see what artists we drop the needle on.

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Michael Brandvold is a freelance music industry consultant based in Northern California. Having launched Michael Brandvold Marketing to leverage his years of experience to provide direction to large and small clients in the areas of online & social marketing as well as e-commerce and customer acquisition and retention. Gene Simmons of KISS first tapped Michael’s skills as a pioneering online marketing strategist to launch and manage all aspects of Kissonline.com’s multi-million dollar enterprise, including their ground-breaking VIP ticket program. Michael has also managed the online efforts for Andy Gibson, Alexa Carter, Greg Kihn, Motley Crüe, Rod Stewart, Madonna, Ozzy Osbourne, Madonna and Britney Spears to name only a few.

Mitch Lafon is a professional music writer located in Montreal, Quebec (Canada). His career started in 1980 when at the age of eleven he interviewed The Demon of KISS, Gene Simmons. In the ‘90s he did studio work with various artists including LA GUNS and worked on an Ace Frehley Tribute album. Over the years, his work has appeared in Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles Magazine as well as Metal Hammer (US) and Classic Rock (UK). Currently, PureGrainAudio.com and Roadie Crew magazine from Brazil are where his interviews can be found. He is well-respected by artists  who often request him by name (when they are ready to grant an interview).

8 thoughts on “Dropping The Needle Podcast

  1. Hey Guys,
    I really enjoy listening to the podcast. I have always loved listening to peoples opinions on music, regardless if I agree or not. I agree with a lot of what you guys say, but more importantly I respect what you have to say. A couple things I would like to say is regarding the length of CD’s today, you guys talked about this a few weeks ago, I think is much too long, I really miss the 40 minutes or so on a vinyl release, you could listen to an album in one sitting without losing interest, and a great album would leave you wanting more. As it is today 80 minutes and I am drained, IF I even get through the whole CD. I think an album is best listened to in one sitting not split up in listening sessions. Todays CD rarely leaves me wanting more, more than likely I will be thinking about how it could have been culled down to one great 40 CD, which I guess would make it an EP by today’s standards.
    One more thing guys could you review some the Riot releases such as Fire Down Under or any others you may like. I know Mark Reale has passed away but if you could track down any of the guys from Riot as possible future guests that would be fantastic.
    Guests or no guests you guys are great and I really really enjoy your podcast!!
    Michael Ogle

    • Thank you Michael, your comments really mean a lot. To know we are connecting with listeners when we just want to talk and be honest is a great feeling. Regarding the length of a CD, I would never have a problem with a 80 minute release IF it had great music throughout the entire CD… not just a couple songs. I remember in the 70s you used have a album of great music, not just one song. Now it seems like everyone is focused on making one great song and just fill in the rest with filler songs. Let me see if we can track down anyone from Riot.

  2. Another great show! I wanted to ask if The Outlaws latest release “It’s About Pride” made your list of favorite releases for 2012? I know you gave it a good review in an earlier podcast. I think it is a fantastic album.
    If I could I would like to ask a question you could answer here or in a podcast. What defines a successful album in term of sales, in the age of illegal and legal downloads? Is 300,000 units sold today the same as moving a million units in 1976? Does a band like KISS have a number where they say if we move a certain amount we will do another album? Thanks guys, love the show, and look forward to a new show eack week!
    Michael Ogle
    Chattanooga, Tennessee

    • Yes The Outlaws are pretty sure to be in my top 10 for 2012.

      Success is hard to define. But selling 500,000 albums today is like selling 5 million 20 years ago. Very few band even reach gold status of 500,000 albums sold.

  3. I just watched part two (episode #29) of the podcast featuring Ron Bumblefoot Thal, having also seen part one (episode #28) that was linked in a GNR forum called Appetite for Discussion. Firstly, Thank You both for not squelching Ron’s delivery. As I began viewing part one it seemed slow paced and amateur journalism a la Wayne’s World that only hardcore guitar-geek Ron Thal fans would watch all of, yet I was really liking the video format – it is new to me. I began to feel like this international touring musician who is currently in a band the media loves to hate is behaving like he’s hanging out with friends, including the viewer, just rapping (playing and singing too). Ron seems very comfortable and keenly interested in communicating with the people who buy his music and with this podcast format. I hope he inspires more guests you’d like to have on Dropping the Needle to relax and go with it, for everyone’s benefit. Secondly, by the end of part one I had an aching desire to buy some Bumble Bee hot sauce and to view part two of the podcast – Damn fine marketing by Dropping The Needle Podcast crew and by The Bumblefoot.

  4. Hey guys, LOVE the Podcast. Was surprised to hear your guest this week was Decibel Geek Podcast host Chris Czynszak. I was shocked to hear you say that you haven’t had a lot of “suggestions” as of yet for some new and cool music from your listeners. One band that IMHO opinion really deserves some attention is Canadian indie band West Memphis Suicide. their album “Ressurecting the Ghost” is absolutely one of my favourite albums of all time. Check them out and let me know what you think.


    Wally Norton
    Decibel Geek Writer

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